How to create and sell an NFT

Jadon R. Helms
2 min readNov 2, 2021


The following article will take you through the steps needed, to creating and selling your first NFT.

The first step in creating your very own, sellable NFT, is to create a ETH Wallet which you will be paid through since NFTs run through an Ethereum Blockchain.

You can create your Crypto wallet through any wallet that stores ETH, like Argent, KeepKey, MetaMask, etc. My personal choice is MetaMask, where you can sign up either by the website or the app on both iOS and Android.

You then need to create an OpenSea account where you will be creating and selling your NFTs. You can sign up either through the website at or through the app also on both iOS and Android.

Once both of your accounts have been created, you want to connect them, this is how you will get paid for your NFTs that you sell on OpenSea. One way to connect your accounts is to go to the browser that is in the MetaMask app and search “”, once you click on the pop up it will take you to the website, once on the website it will walk you through steps to connect your wallet to your OpenSea account.

You then go to the “Create” tab on OpenSea next to the “Explore” tab (which is used to browse NFTs), and insert a file of a png, gif, etc that you want to turn into an NFT, then just enter the name of your NFT along with a description of it.

At the bottom of the create tab, select “Polygon” as your blockchain, and there will be no charge or fee for creating, or “minting” your NFT (Usually there would be a charge of at least $70).

Then just click create, and boom your NFT has been made, the next step is to just post your NFT for sale right through the OpenSea site. You can select any set price you want on it, or even post it as a bid.

Once someone buys your NFT, you will be notified and ETH will be sent right to your connected Crypto wallet.

The final step is to then transfer your ETH into real money. For this step, you will need to create a CoinBase account.

Once you have your CoinBase account created, you simply connect your Coinbase account to your MetaMask account or whatever crypto wallet you used, and you can easily transfer the ETH from your wallet into USD, or whatever currency you would like, including other cryptocurrencies.

The money can then be sent directly to your bank account or your PayPal.

That pretty much wraps it up, once you have everything set up and connected you’re good to go, you can create and sell as many NFTs as you want, the sky’s the limit!